Friday, September 27, 2013


one of the burning issue of 21st century is global always makes me think when i hear in news about the melting of ice in poles and increase of water level in the ocean. The direct effect of global warming felt by me is when i see the black mountains..i have heard that and have also felt that the mountains used to be white all year round. but these days those mountain seems black half of the year. mosquito are creeping upwards and so the trees. these are the signs of global warming.

i always try to minimize my activities that enhance this. such as i switch off my computer when i don't use it. i separate degradable and non degradable waste. i try to minimize the use of baby diaper. emphasize in using public vehicle.. re use, re cycle.

Being a responsible parent, I think we must save earth to our descendants. They must enjoy earth as much as we did.

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