Thursday, September 26, 2013

comparing education between nepal and uk

to compare the quality of education on Nepal and UK... first point to start with is the infrastructure.white board( ie is also on the case of capital),chair and desk are the basic infrastructure of a class room,here in Nepal. but in case of UK,the capacity of class room is around 250 students. each desk contains the charger plug for charging laptop and the mobile phones. three columns of desk contain 8 each row and each column of desk has it's own big screen with the sound system that covers the classroom.

tutor desk has the facility to connect laptop and if they want to write something to show students, they write down in their desk and that is shown in all the three screen with the help of a special equipment. he speaks with microphone and the sound is dispersed within the classroom. He uses the powerpoint slides to make understand the students.The college provides each student with a unique student email and that can be accessed with the college's website. if anything has to be announced, they sent email in the college email id. the other way to disseminate the notice is to send sms and to publish in student portal. They provide a username and password to access the portal.

Student portal is a huge platform for students. they get information about the college activities through it. they get the reading materials for the subject. they get assignments from there. they submit assignments with it and the results are announced through the portal.

from financial point of view, the fee is triple high than here in Nepal. The tutor salary is incomparable.

from the social perspective, the diverse group of tutors help to know the diverse thought around the world. some are from usa, some are settled in uk from other countries like kenya and india, some are pure british.

The most impressive thing about the quality of education is the plagiarism. it is the most sensitive part. No student can copy any part or any line from anywhere from the internet. The system is made in such a way that, if we copy it shows the url of the website and how much you have copied. this prevents the copying habit of each student.And the referencing.. Tutor don't want to see the reference as www..... they want the name of book and the writer so it makes student to go to library, find the book and read the exact book.. this will simply enhance the intellectual part of studnets..

that's why it is one of the reason they are ahead in development from us.

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