Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Yesterday, I was around Baghbazar for some work. I was searching for a shop to sew my clothes. A man showed me an alley. The area seemed to me a different world. Beautiful girls speaking in urdu and hansom gentle men were around waiting for halal meat for celebrating their festival. Eid. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Liquid & Gas

I am refreshing my morning with hot water and before me some clouds are changing its form, some are stagnant. Looks so white, soft and clean. Soon they are going to rain and turns into different form. We had read, there are three forms of water in science-solid, liquid and gas. Clouds are gas and rain is liquid. Beside these theories, for me, clouds are imagination. We can build any images if we stare for a long time and that feeling is like nirvana ...incomparable to physical world happiness. when I was a small girl, I used to lay down and watch sky for hours enjoying the shapes, whiteness, softness of the I don’t have to do that, i can see every morning..they are at my eye-level. I enjoy everyday taking out my few time from busy schedule.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Necklace Price "

My friend told an incident which was interesting to me and I think to all the common nepalese out there..

She and her friend was passing by Thamel and suddenly their eyes focused on the sparkling necklace which is sold mostly in Thamel.They asked the price to shopkeeper.

"Paitaalis (45)" he replied
"Oh 45 " her friend replied
"NO" shopkeeper said
"Chaar hajar paan saye (4500) " my friend said
"no" again shopkeeper replied
"how much then?" they asked
"its paitaalis hajar (45 thousand) "
They bite their long tongue which was slipped out after listening to the price.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The word 'Sewaro'

when we returned to Nepal last year, our son became ill. Small red spots were seen in skin and we hurriedly took him to the hospital. He was examined by a doctor and we were surprised to hear the doctor's response.

he asked, What is baby's name?'

'Niwa' we replied

'Niwa Hang?'

we smiled... we thought the burning issue of Nepal has touched all the Nepalese from intellectual to non intellectual..

we were surprised when he greeted 'Sewaro'. May be he thought all the mongoloid face greet each other with the word 'Sewaro'.For your information 'Sewaro' is a limbu greetings and we were lohorung. Traditionally, Lohorung greet each other with 'Sewamisung yau' means ' I greet you'. Nowadays Namaste is popular among lohorung due to cultural assimilation.

So why sewaro is popular with non kirantis?

The issue of Limbuwan has made the word sewaro popular among them and out siders. The comedy actor Wilson Bikram Rai AKA Takme Buda has also popularised the word Sewaro.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lonely great grand moms

Tara Maya ( 82) lives in Morang,and has 3 son and 3 daughter in law, 1 daughter and son in law, 14 grand children, 5 great grand children but lives alone.
Kina Maya (83) lives in kathmandu, and has 2 son and 2 daughter in law, 1 daughter and son in law, 6 grand children, 2 great grand children but lives alone.
Phul Maya (78 ) lives in kathmandu, and has 5 daughter and 5 son in law, 12 grand children, 3 great grand children but lives alone.

Single great grand mother, most of them have same story. living alone,from rich to poor. I will discuss about the pros and cons of living alone. here, alone means not with the son's family and daughter's family.

-Grand mother can cook anything they like and don't have to wait for son and daughter in law.
-She can make her own decision like going to bazar.

-she will be alone so if suddenly anything happens she will have no one to response.
-she have to talk to herself, laugh herself and cry herself

Friday, September 27, 2013


one of the burning issue of 21st century is global always makes me think when i hear in news about the melting of ice in poles and increase of water level in the ocean. The direct effect of global warming felt by me is when i see the black mountains..i have heard that and have also felt that the mountains used to be white all year round. but these days those mountain seems black half of the year. mosquito are creeping upwards and so the trees. these are the signs of global warming.

i always try to minimize my activities that enhance this. such as i switch off my computer when i don't use it. i separate degradable and non degradable waste. i try to minimize the use of baby diaper. emphasize in using public vehicle.. re use, re cycle.

Being a responsible parent, I think we must save earth to our descendants. They must enjoy earth as much as we did.