Thursday, December 5, 2013

The word 'Sewaro'

when we returned to Nepal last year, our son became ill. Small red spots were seen in skin and we hurriedly took him to the hospital. He was examined by a doctor and we were surprised to hear the doctor's response.

he asked, What is baby's name?'

'Niwa' we replied

'Niwa Hang?'

we smiled... we thought the burning issue of Nepal has touched all the Nepalese from intellectual to non intellectual..

we were surprised when he greeted 'Sewaro'. May be he thought all the mongoloid face greet each other with the word 'Sewaro'.For your information 'Sewaro' is a limbu greetings and we were lohorung. Traditionally, Lohorung greet each other with 'Sewamisung yau' means ' I greet you'. Nowadays Namaste is popular among lohorung due to cultural assimilation.

So why sewaro is popular with non kirantis?

The issue of Limbuwan has made the word sewaro popular among them and out siders. The comedy actor Wilson Bikram Rai AKA Takme Buda has also popularised the word Sewaro.

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